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Demolition Derby Rules

2023 Tioga County Fair Demolition Derby Rules


The Demolition Derby sponsored by the Tioga County Agricultural Association, Inc. (hereinafter "Tioga County Fair" and/or "Fair") is designed as an unusual spectator attraction. Every entrant is subject to the following rules and regulations in the interest of safety and equal competition. Tioga County Fair does not imply or guarantee safety. Total responsibility for inspection of car and rule compliance is by the owner\driver, not the Tioga County Fair.


DRIVERS ENTRY: Entrants in the derby are not employees of the Tioga County Fair, but are voluntary participants and assume all related responsibilities. 


Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have proof of age.

Drivers must sign liability waiver to participate.

All drivers must supply their own car and set it up according to the rules.

Entry is limited to 1 car per event per night.

Drivers must wear a SNELL or DOT approved helmet and some form of eye protection at all times while on the track. If you remove helmet, you will be disqualified.

Drivers must wear a safety belt, helmet, and eye protection at all times while on the track. If removed, you will be disqualified.


CONDUCT: Any driver or crewmember not obeying the rules will be disqualified. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crewmembers. No profane language or obscene gestures.




SPEED LIMIT: A maximum speed limit of 5 MPH MUST be obeyed at all times in the pit area, parking lot and driveway (equal to a fast walk pace).


SAFETY AND CAR SPECIFICATIONS: Undetected or unobserved items escaping detection during inspection does not make them legal. Any exception to the rules will be called illegal. If it is not a rule, that does not mean you can do it.


PROTESTS: For anyone wanting to protest a vehicle, there will be a $250 cash protest fee. Half will go to the Fair, half will go to the winner of the protest.


INSPECTIONS: Officials have the right to inspect a car at any time. Inspection area is limited to the inspectors and driver



2023 Classes:


Stock Compact, Limited Weld Compact, 1980 and newer V8, Limited Weld Full size, Compact Truck/minivan, Full-Size Truck/van, Bone stock V8, Ancient Iron, and Juniors (ages 15-17; Friday only).


80 + Newer: American made midsize or full size stock hard top automobiles and station wagons manufactured from the model year 1980 and newer ONLY are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER!!!! VIN MUST BE ATTACHED TOVEHICLE. No four-wheel drives will be allowed. Heats and feature SATURDAY if over 16 cars, otherwise one and done)


Limited Weld-Full-size cars: American made stock hard top automobiles and station wagons are allowed; including imperials. No four-wheel drives will be allowed-Heats and feature FRIDAY (unless under 16 cars then one and done)


Stock Compact: Cars classified as compact (fwd. or rwd.) with a uni-body construction and that started life with a 4-cylinder gas engine will be allowed. 6-cylinder uni-body Front wheel drive. 108" wheel base or less only for whole class HEATS F AND FEATURE Friday


Limited Weld Compact: Cars classified as compact that are fwd. or rwd. With a uni-body construction and 4 or (6cyl FWD ONLY) engine with a wheel base of 111” or under. HEATS I AND FEATURE SATURDAY


Compact trucks/minivan: Class is open to small trucks or SUV. They are to be two wheel drive or four wheel drive with only one axle driving. Any 4 or 6 cylinder, foreign or domestic minivan. No diesels, No “hybrid” vehicles, no plastic bodied vans like Luminas/ transports, etc. No panel vans. 4 wheel / all wheel drives may be used if one axle is disabled, (only one axle can drive)ONE AND DONE FRIDAY (20 vehicle cap)


Full-size trucks: Class is open to ½-1 ton Chassis cabs pickups, suv or vans.NOCOMMERCIAL CHASSIS They are to be two wheel drive or four wheel drive with only one axle drivingONE AND DONE SATUDAY(20 truck CAP)


Bonestock V8: American made stock hardtop automobiles and station wagons are allowed. Must be a car only!!! NO minivans or SUV regardless of howit is titled!!!! Excluding imperials ONE and DONE FRIDAY (20car cap) JUNIORS: Can be 80’s and newer -OR- old iron cars, NO IMPERIALS! Must be built tothe 80s &newer rules.


NO EXTRA ANYTHING ALLOWED. If it isn't in the rules, that doesn't make it legal.

For any situation that may arise the Tioga County Fair will make the final call.

For rule questions or approval call Darren Bradford (570)404-0121 or Marty Baker (570)404-3374.

All entries must be there no later than 6:00 pm for inspection.

Any entry received after 6:00 pm will be charged an extra $25 late fee on top of the normal $35 entry fee.

This will allow us to get the derby started on time.

Please understand and be respectful.

All individuals under the age of 16, not participating in the derby are not permitted in pit/track area.

ALL persons (adult, child or senior) who enter the track road must purchase $20 pit pass which does not include carnival rides at the fair.




Stock Compact: Cars classified as compact (fwd. or rwd.) with a uni-body construction and that started life with a 4-cylinder gas engine will be allowed. 6-cylinder uni-body Front wheel drive. 108" wheel base or less only for whole class


Vehicle must remain factory other than the modifications specified below






No aftermarket parts (shifters, steering, pedals, coolers, etc.)


Stripping: All glass, chrome trim, locks and anything else that might become embedded in the track must be removed. TOTALLY CLEAN IT OUT INCLUDING GLASS... Anything inside the car that is a fire hazard must be removed, including car interior, trunk pad and carpet... Driver door panel can be left in for safety of the driver, projecting latches, handles, etc. inside driver’s door must be removed. Remove brittle metal & fiberglass pieces’ front and back.


Antifreeze must be removed and replaced with water.


Windshield bars-You MUST install two safety straps from the body area behind the hood no more than 2" below the windshield line and no more than 2” above windshield line to the roof of the car to keep the hood from coming backwards through the windshield area. Front WINDOW bars, straps are to be a thinner material that can easily be cut by the fire dept if there is an emergency situation. Gas tank strapping, chain or trunk rod are all good choices. NOangle iron or t-post will be allowed


EXHAUST: May use stacks or if using under car it should be cut off at least 12” behind driver’s seat and be bent out towards the side of the vehicle, or straight up and down off of manifold.


FANS: You may use an Electric fan with plastic or nylon blades only.


BRAKES: Must be completely factory stock and in working order for safety purposes on the track.


TRANSMISSION COOLERS: May be moved to the rear passenger area and must be totally leak free. All lines must be enclosed. no fan style coolers.


TIRES AND WHEELS: ANY style RUBBER tire is allowed (NOSTEEL TIRES ALLOWED NORIMS ONLY) No foam filling or loading of tires is allowed. Tire inside a tire is allowed. Remove all wheel weights. No bead locking or protector style rim allowed. No valve stem protectors. You may use the 6” wheel centers for bolt pattern changes.


Front and rear Trailer hitches are to be completely remoNO rear windowbar


Rust repair: If rust damage is to be repaired in the floors and frame, prior approval must be made before ANYTHING will be passed. No double flooring or double framing.


Driver Protection: A 4 bar enclosure around the inside cab may be installed. One dash bar, one behind seat, one across each front door. All bars must be inside driver`s compartment. Door bars may run from dash to behind the farthest back portion of the seat where it meets the kick panel. Side bar MAXIMUMLENGTH 60”. Front bar must be at least 5 inches from center of firewall and floor including the transmission tunnel. Back bar may be no further back than 1 foot behind seat. Side bars may be up to 6” c-channel for flat mounting. Seat and Dash bar can be no larger than 4” diameter. A fifth bar may be used of same size material to run from front bar to back in center. Attaching to the car may only be done on the sides, NOmounting to the floor or roof. Gussets 2”x2” MAX SIZE may be used at all welded connections and cannot be any father than 8” from the corner on both sides but can only be welded to the protection area. NOT to the car body itself. Nothing can come from floor or frame to cage whatsoever. Used for protection only not reinforcement. Improperly installed bars are a hazard to everyone... NOEXOSKELETONS…All bars will be placed WITHIN the sheet metal of the vehicle. If you choose to use only front and back bar, mounting plates of ¼“x 6”x12” may be used on the ends.


Roll over bars (HALO) may not extend more than 6 inches above the roof line and may only be attached to the cage with two points of contact behind front seat not to the floor in any way. All bars must be within same guidelines as cage bars. Nothing can go from halo to dash bar, NOEXCEPTIONS.


HOOD: Must have a hood with a hole minimum of 12” x 12” cut over the carburetor in case of fire and be tied down after inspection with wire (6) spots total. Do not use chain or angle iron!


GAS TANKS: Tanks may be left in the vehicles stock location providing it is in front of the rear axle. OR A marine style or equivalent fuel cell may be installed in the rear passenger compartment and fastened down securely. (If using fuel cell factory fuel tank mut be completely removed!!) All electric fuel pumps require a separate power switch within driver’s reach. Switch must be labeled fuel pump shutoff. NOPLASTICboat tanks will be allowed. Homemade fuel cells, MUST BE: 1. Sturdy, 2. Securely Mounted, 3. Entirely leak proof or you cannot run! Tank MUST be covered with a splash shield!! NOEXCEPTIONS!!!


Gas Tank Protectors: Can be used if running aftermarket tank. Protectors must attach to CAGE ONLY!!! Protector will be no larger than 24” outside and made of maximum 4”x ¼inch material. 8-inch gussets can be used on the protector. This is a FLOATING style protector. Bars may not go to the halo or frame. May not be welded or bolted to floor and must be 5"from all sheet metal


FUEL LINES: Must be metal passing through the firewall and in the passenger compartment. ALL FUEL LINES MUST BE METAL LINE, OR HIGH PRESSURE RUBBER FUEL LINE INSIDE THE VEHICLE. ALL FUEL LINES NEED TOBE COVERED, RAN INTOAN OLD GARDEN HOSE IS ACCEPTABLE if maintaining stock tank factory lines may be used if in good condition if you have a fuel leak you will be disqualified


BATTERIES: Are to be mounted solidly to car floor in the front passenger compartment with a rubber or plastic shield covering, batteries may also be mounted into passenger seat if secured tight and covered or metal box mounted to cage


DOORS: driver door can be welded 3 patches per vertical seam exterior only with 3”x3”x1/8”. If not using a cagelength of 2” angle iron may be welded to the driver’s door no higher than the bumper and no more than 2” past either door seam. All other doors you are to use (3) spots per vertical seam of wire, cable, chain (5/16” max), and seat belts tied are all also acceptable for all doors. If ANY door comes open car is disqualified. You may use a 1/8” thick door skin on driver’s door ONLY! 2” max overlap onto fender and rear door or quarter.


TRUNKS, HATCHES, TAILGATES: Even if vehicle is considered a 5 door the rear trunk, hatch or tailgate Must be tied securely with cable, chain(5/16” max), seatbelt, or wire ONLY (6 spots total)!


ENGINE: NO Engine swaps may be done. ALL mounts must remain factory. You may add a chain to each mount 5/16" max.



FRAMES: NO FRAME ALTERING OF ANY KIND ALLOWED!! Except you may notch rear frames but cannot pre-bend. No Fix it plates.


Steering: all aspects Must remain stock and unaltered




BODY: Wheel wells may be trimmed for clearance however re-attachment should be no stronger than factory. You may remover or cut trunk lid Quarter panels must remain in original position NO BODY CREASING, WEDGING OR CANOEING OF THE TRUNK ALLOWED IN STOCK CLASS.


SUSPENSION: NO SUSPENSION MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED! Must be free floating as it was from the factory. BUMPERS: MAY ONLY USE A FACTORY AUTOMOBILE BUMPER OR A PIECE OF 2”X4”X1/8” SQUARE TUBING WITH ENDS CAPPED and ¾” hole in each end. All bumpers may only extend from center of tire to center of tire nothing wider. We will allow them to be welded to the frame with a 4”x ¼” plate (only 1 plate per rail) to secure them or you can use the original factory bumper shocks for that vehicle mounted as they were from factory. If using the plate there must be a maximum of a 1/2” hole in the frame for inspection if you cover the holes make a new one ONE OR THE OTHER mounting options NOT BOTH. No stuffing or seam welding of bumpers will be allowed,


BUMPERS MUST HAVE INSPECTION HOLES ON ALL FOUR SIDES. ONLY OEM bumper maximum height 20" to bottom of bumper. These WILL be measured and scoped so please make sure your measurements are correct. Each bumper must be chained or 9 wired(double strand twisted) in two spots per bumper to help keep it on




No#9 Wire before the heat (except toclose hood doors and trunk). from heat tofeature you may add twospots of 4 strand 9 wire. 9 wire may not go from frame to cage or halo.


Bone Stock (Old School)


Bonestock V8-Amercian made stock hardtop automobiles and station wagons are allowed. NO MINIVANS OR SUVS NOimperials


Stripping-cars must be completely stripped(glass, fiberglass, plastic, AIRBAGS, chrome, interior, handles, latches etc.((anything that is flammable or may come off and inbed into track)) NO ANTIFREEZE WATER ONLY IN COOLING SYSTEM(follows same rules as other classes) Two windshield straps must be installed 2” above or below windshield line max(chain, #9 wire, fuel tank straps. Lighter material) (follows same stripping rules as other classes)


This class is open to any year RWD or FWD v8 or v6 (except the exclusions below) or fwd. v6 108” or larger wheelbase. NOImperials, Hearses, limos, ambulances, trucks, truck frames, Minivans or suvs,4WD or AWD. If you have any questions on vehicle selection please asks. NO FRAME SWAPS


NO WELDING!!!!!(Other than driver’s door and cage)


Doors/hood/trunk- You may weld the driver door solid outside vertical seams only with a maximum of 3”x1/8” plate. You may also use a 1/8” door skin on drivers Door ONLY!! Max 2” overlap onto fender and rear door/quarter. All other doors may be wired or chained in 3 spots per vertical seam with up to 2 double strands of #9 wire or 5/16” chain max... No washers welded to sheet metal for wire to pass through. Hoods and trunk may have 6 spots total. (Your choice of location) Trunk may be cut in half. NOtucking. All door/trunk/hood wiring must be done sheet metal to sheet metal ONLY may not go to or around frame. Hood must have a 12”x12” hole cut over the carb.


Battery- Move and securely mount battery to passenger floor (2 max) (follow same rule as other classes) (must be covered with rubber mat)


Fuel system-Move fuel tank to rear seat area (no plastic tanks) MUST MOUNT SECURELY (follow same rules as other classes) All lines must be ran inside driver compartment and covered. Must be steel or high pressure rubber. If Fuel injected or using electric fuel pump you must have a separate and clearly labeled shut off switch.


Controls-Factory shifter or simple rod. Factory pedals---NOAFTERMARKET you may make a homemade style shifter utilizing a piece of all thread from shifter to trans, small piece of angle iron to mount to floor, a shift handle and a pivot bolt. Do not push this THINK OLD SCHOOL!

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