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Due to Concerns of Spreading Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenzia (HPAI)
There will be no Exhibition of Live Poultry at the Tioga County Fair in 2023 !!!

Department 10.8 Poultry

Tioga County Fair 2023 Youth Poultry Exhibits

9:00 AM, Monday, August 7th , 2023 

Showmanship and Breed Classes

( NO LIve Birds or Eggs at the fairgrounds - for 2023 this will be a picture show only. Please see the rules below for more information)


Poultry Superintendent:

Melanie Berndston

(814) 933-2984


Asst. Superintendent:

Derik Remley

(717) 406-6256


ALL Entries MUST BE Postmarked by July 24th, 2023

NO late entries accepted.

Send entries to:

Melanie Berndtson

9006 Route 6

Wellsboro, PA  16901



(Refer To General & Health Rules)


1. Eligibility: Class is open to any 4-H or FFA member currently carrying a poultry project. The exhibit must be raised by the exhibitor and be related to his or her current project.

2. 4-H members must be enrolled in the 4-H poultry project by program enrollment deadlines (see page 26) 4-H project and record books must be up-to-date and must be judged at 4-H Round-Up on Saturday, August 3rd, 2023.


3. No entry fee will be charged for 4-H/FFA classes (Dept. 10).


4. All 4-H/FFA poultry exhibitors must have a current “Quality Assurance Certificate”.


5. 4-H/FFA members may show two birds per individual class

NEW FOR 2023: The PA Department of Agriculture has decided to protect Pennsylvania’s $7.1 billion dollar poultry industry from the threat of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza by banning poultry and egg exhibitions at 2023 Fairs.

All breed classification classes will be open to YOUTH only (ages 8 to 18 as of January 1, 2023) for the 2023 show via photo submissions.

Youth will be required to submit four photos of each bird/entry. Photos will need to include the front, back and each side of the bird. Photos must be color and printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper and dropped off to the Tioga County Fair Poultry Barn by 9 am Monday August 7th. Each photo needs to be clearly labeled on the back with exhibitor name, entry name, class number/name, photo # of 4.

Youth Showmanship: A-8-1


1. NO LIVE BIRDS will be used for showmanship.


2. Exhibitors will be judged on their ability to handle and examine poultry, the exhibitor’s knowledge of poultry, appearance, and actions.
Knowledge tested will be age appropriate and consist of questions related to breeds, classes, and standard care and management of poultry. Specific scoresheet and requirements can be obtained from the Poultry Department Chair.


Showmanship will take place Monday August 7th at 9 am.


Showmanship Class:

1. Youth Showmanship, Ages 8-10

2, Junior Showmanship, Ages 11-13

3. Intermediate Showmanship, Ages 14-16

4. Senior Showmanship, Ages 17 and over

            Champion Showman - Rosette

            Reserve Champion Showman - Rosette

Youth Poster Contest: A-8-2


1. All entries must be made by currently enrolled 4-H and FFA members as part of the current year’s project work.


2.Each contestant can enter two poster classes but no more than one poster per class.


3. Each article will be judged according to the exhibit guidelines.


4. Each exhibitor must attach identification to the back of each poster: name, address, zip code, and county.


5. All posters must be 14” X 22” in size. All others will be disqualified.


6. Posters must be displayed by 9 am Monday August 7th.


7. Contestants are encouraged to exhibit their posters at the 2016 PA Farm Show.


Science of Poultry: Incubation, diseases, embryology, anatomy (internal, external), research projects, etc.

1) Beginner Level, Ages 8-12
2) Advanced Level, Ages 13-18

Breeds and History of Poultry: Breed traits (comb, plumage types), classes, breeds, history

3) Beginner Level, Ages 8-12
4) Advanced Level, Ages 13-18

Care of Poultry: Brooding, feeding, housing, management, bio-security, etc.

5) Beginner Level, Ages 8-12
6) Advanced Level, Ages 13-18

Consumption of Poultry: Products, food safety, food preparation, eggs, meat, nutritional information

7) Beginner Level, Ages 8-12
8) Advanced Level, Ages 13-18

Poultry Skillathon: A-8-4

A skillathon is a test of a youth’s knowledge and skills in a certain subject area. In the poultry skillathon this year, there will be four stations to test the youth’s knowledge in poultry. They will have to answer questions and complete activities related to a specific poultry topic area at each station. The stations for the 2023 poultry skillathon will include: Egg Grading, Carcass Evaluation, Parts of a Chicken, General Knowledge Exam


Skillathon will take place Monday August 7th at 10:30 am.



1. Youth, ages 8-10

2. Junior, ages 11-13

3. Intermediate, ages 14-16

4. Senior, ages 17 and older

Youth Poultry Scrapbook Contest

1. All entries must be made by currently enrolled 4-H and FFA members as part of the current year’s project work.


2. Each contestant or club may enter one scrapbook.


3. Each article will be judged according to the exhibit guidelines.


4. Each exhibitor must attach identification to the back of each scrapbook:  name, address, zip code, and county.


5. All scrapbooks must be the standard 12” X 12” format, have a creative cover, and a minimum of six pages (front and back). It should include material to tell the member’s or club’s story of their poultry project activities over the past calendar year. The scrapbook should include photos, articles, ribbons, and other creative ways to graphically tell the member’s or club’s story.


6. No kits or patterns from commercial sources will be accepted.


7. Scrapbooks must be entered by Monday August 7th at 9:00 am

Click HERE for poultry show classes and premiums list


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