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Department 1 - Horses


This years fair theme for the livestock departments is going to be "Team up at the fair",  We hope to see some really neat stall decorations around the grounds. Prizes will be awarded.
Horse Barn Team : Golf

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Department 1- Horses




Monday, August 8, 2022, 9:00 a.m.

Thursday, August 11, 2022, 5:00 p.m

Superintendent: Courtney Smith 570-439-2240



The horse show is open to all.

Entry Fees:

All ages — $10 per horse/rider combination to ride for the day, if preregistered.

$15 per horse/rider combination if registering the day of the show.




1. All horses must be accompanied by Certificate of Veterinary Inspection as required below in Rules 3 & 4 issued after May 1, 2022. (No other form of proof will be accepted.)

2. Current (within 1 year) Rabies vaccination given by a Licensed veterinarian before July 25, 2022.

3. Current (within 1 year) proof of Negative EIA– Coggins test report.

4. Out of state horses must have Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection satisfying requirements from state of origin.

5. Refer to Rules in the front of the fair book or on our fair web page under Health Rules and Regulations for further details. Stallions will not be permitted to show.

6. Warmups will be given before the show starts, after in-hand classes, and before trail classes. There will be a lunch break announced the day of the show. Gaits above a trot are not permitted outside of the show ring.

7.  Riders may ride more than one horse- separate registration fee paid per horse.

8. The same horse may be ridden by different riders- separate registration fee paid per rider.

9. Show committee has the right to combine and remove classes as needed.

10. All exhibitors 18 years of age or younger are required to wear properly fitted protective headgear passing or surpassing cur-rent applicable ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) / SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards with harness secured while riding or driving anywhere on the event grounds. This applies to all exhibitors 18 years of age or younger, including all 4-H members regardless of age.

11. Proper show apparel is required. Chaps are not required for western classes.

12. Riders may be excused for excessive whipping or batting.

13. Riders showing poor sportsmanship may be dismissed by the horse show committee and fees forfeited.

14. Judge’s decision is final. Judge may not be approached by exhibitors. Complaints will be brought to announcer first.

15. The Horse Chairman and Fair Committee have the right to dismiss any horse deemed unfit to show.

16. All trailers must park in the parking lot and may not park

around the horse ring inside of the fair grounds.

17. Ride at your own risk! The Tioga County Fair is not

responsible for loss or damage to any personal belongings.

18. Checks will be mailed after the close of the fair.

19. There are no stalls available for this show.

20. Due to space restrictions: Only 4-H Members may stall at the horse barn as pre-arranged with the barn chairman.

All horses are the responsibility of their owner, and all stalls must be stripped and approved by barn chairman. Any stall left unclean may have their premium check held.

(Stalls for 4-H only.)




Monday, August 8, 2022, 9:00 a.m.

Thursday, August 11, 2022, 5:00 p.m

Superintendent: Courtney Smith 570-439-2240




1st $5.00                                                                  

2nd $4.00

3rd $3.00

4th $2.00

5th $1.00


Division Awards


Walk Trot


Junior Youth

Senior Youth



Classes Monday Show

1. Open Halter

2. Mini Horse Halter

3. Beginner Showmanship

4. Junior Youth Showmanship

5. Senior Youth Showmanship

6. Adult Showmanship

7. Pleasure Driving Horse and Pony

8. Draft Horse Driving

9. Reinsmanship All

10. Obstacle Driving All

11. Donut Driving All

12. Leadline Pleasure

13. Leadline Horsemanship

14. Leadline off the lead

15. Beginner walk trot pleasure (youth)

16. Beginner walk trot Horsemanship (youth)

17. Adult walk trot Pleasure

18. Adult walk trot horsemanship




19. Western Open walk trot

20. Western Junior rider pleasure

21. Western Junior rider horsemanship

22. Western Senior rider pleasure

23. Western Senior rider horsemanship

24. Western Adult Pleasure

25. Western Adult horsemanship

26. Western Open command

27. Western Open ranch horse

28. English Open walk trot

29. English Junior rider pleasure

30. English Junior rider Equitation

31. English Senior rider pleasure

32. English Senior rider Equitation

33. English Adult Pleasure

34. English Adult Equitation

35. English Open Cross Rails

36. English Hunter Hack

37. English Mini Jumping



Classes Thursday Fun Show

1.Magazine Race


3. Flag Race

4. Egg-N-Spoon

5. Obstacle Course

6. Pole Bending

7. The Partner Toilet Paper Race

8. Water in Cup

9. Barrels

10. Dollar Bareback

11. Costume Class

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