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Department 10.10-10.29

​4-H/FFA Building Entries

Entries Due Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm


  1. Entries will be accepted Online on or before July 24, 2023 via Fair Entry link:

  2. ELIGIBILITY 4-H members must have passed their eighth birthday but not have passed their nineteenth birthday by January 1 of the current year. Exhibitors must be 4-H members, carrying a project in the field in which they wish to make entry. All 4-H members must be a member in good standing in the Tioga County 4-H program. 4-H Project and Record Books must be up-to-date and must be judged at the 4-H Book Roundup. 

  3. Students enrolled in an accepted Agricultural Education curriculum must be conducting a project in the class in which they wish to make entry. Students enrolled in general home economics in a comprehensive high school are considered as qualifying. All entries shall be approved prior to the fair by a member of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Agricultural or Home Economics Staff or their designated representatives

  4. 10.10 Rules

    1. Note: Only one model horse may be exhibited per member. Members may choose to display a photo in place of bringing the actual model to the fair. Models are suggested to be in locked tanks.

    2. Model Horse Unit 1 - Model Horse wearing a halter made or collected by the exhibitor with lead and tack box. 

    3. Model Horse Unit 2 - Model Horse wearing a saddle and bridle constructed or collected by exhibitor and set up according to pleasure class. 

    4. Model Horse Advanced 

      1. A. Horse with saddle and bridle that have not been previously exhibited in appropriate pleasure or performance class. 

      2. B. Performance class entry - Model tacked for appropriate class. Include at least one item made to scale for this class. 

      3. C. Barn/Horse race course, etc. to scale for 1 or more models. 

      4. D. Exhibit a customized model and 14” X 22” poster explain- ing the customizing process (hairing, repairing, sculpting, etc. 

    5. Display box 1

    6. Display box 2 

    7. Display box 3

Exhibit an 18” by 12” display box of any phase of the project, focusing on any aspect of horse care, management and safety. Refer to the Roundup Requirement Book.

10.12 HAY & GRAIN


Year 1 and 2- 3 different vegetables using numbers below.  

Year 3 and beyond - 5 different vegetables using numbers below.  

Please put your exhibitor number on each plate. 


10 Green Beans 

10 Yellow Beans

10 Lima Beans 

5 Red Beets (topped) 

1 Head Broccoli 

1 Pint Brussel Sprouts 

1 Head Cabbage 

1 Summer Squash 

10 Snap Peas 

5 Turnips 

5 Carrots (topped) 

1 Head Cauliflower

5 Cucumbers (pickling/slicing)

1 Eggplant 

1 Lettuce (plant in soil)

10 Onions (green bunching) 

5 Onion Bulbs (topped) 

1 Winter Squash 

10 Garden Peas in pods 

1 Pumpkin 

5 Gourds (5 specimens) 

5 Parsnips

5 Tomatoes 

5 Green Peppers 

5 Red Peppers 

5 Hot Peppers 

5 Sweet Peppers 

5 Radishes

 Sweet Corn - 5 ears (husks on) 

Potatoes - plate of 5 either red or white  


10.14 Fruit


  1. Each item must have been made by a 4-H member or FFA student who is enrolled in a food project within the current year. Exhibit must portray the requirements outlined in the project. Foods should be on a paper plate, covered with clear wrap or in a plastic bag. Canned food will be judged on quality, general appearance and container. Use a standard mason-type, clear, quart/pint jar with a NEW two-piece lid. All canned foods NOT in standard jars and/or with self-sealing lids will be disqualified by the judge. MUST USE PROJECT BOOK RECIPES


  1. Exhibits must be cut flowers grown by the exhibitor and must conform to the number of blooms, spikes, or stems specified in each class. If no number is specified, 5 flowers must be exhibited. The uniformity of height, color, or size is an important factor in evaluating entries. Flowers in each entry must be of one color and variety unless otherwise stated. All leaves must be removed from annuals and perennials. Label each entry of the exhibit.

  2. Uniformity in color, heights, and size (as well as lack of insects or insect damage) will all be considered by the judges.


Ageratum - 3 stems 

Aster - 5 blooms 

Bachelor Buttons - 5 blooms Calendula - 5 blooms 

Celosia (crested) - 1 stem 

Celosia (plume) - 1 stem

Cosmos - 5 blooms 

Dahlia - 1 bloom 

Gaillardia - 5 blooms 

Gladiolus -1 spike

 Marigolds - 5 blooms 

Pansy - 5 blooms 

Petunia - 5 blooms 

Rudbeckia - 5 blooms 

Salvia - 5 blooms 

Snapdragons - 5 spikes

Zinnia - 3 blooms 

Any other - 5 blooms or spikes


  1. Herbs- b (½ cup in a zip-lock bag - 2 separate bags) 

  2. Perennials Project: Uniformity in color, heights, and size (as well as lack of insects or insect damage) will all be considered by the judges. 


Chrysanthemums - 5 blooms 

Delphiniums - 1 spike Dianthus - 5 blooms 

Tiger Lily - 1 stalk 

Daylily - 1 stalk 

Floribunda Rose - 1 flower 

Hybrid Tea Rose - 1 flower 


Miniature Rose - 1 flower Sweet Peas - 5 blooms 

Phlox -1 stem 

Johnny Jump Ups - 5 blooms 

Coneflowers - 5 blooms Baby’s Breath - 1 stalk 

Any Other - 5 blooms


10.18 Needlecraft

  1. Each article must have been made by a 4-H member or FFA student within the current year. Each article must be part of the specific project(s) in which the member or student is enrolled within the current year.  


10.19 Arts and Crafts

  1. Each article must have been made by a 4-H or FFA member who is enrolled in a related Arts & Crafts Project within the current year.  


  3. Photographs should be in an album or three ring notebook. Photographs exhibited previously at the fair may not be included in this collection.  

10.20 Group Projects

  1. 4-H and FFA Group Exhibits. DO NOT bring an exhibit without a reservation. Preregister your exhibit with Penn State Cooperative Extension Service,114 Main Street, Central Ave Entrance Wellsboro, PA 16901, by June 1 , 2023. 

  2. Theme for educational displays: Contact Extension Office Each group may enter only 1 display category.  


For more information about Department 10 Please contact the Tioga County Penn State Extension 4-H Office 114 Main Street, Central Ave Entrance Wellsboro, PA 16901 (570)724-9120

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