Rabbit Department


Rabbits Department 9 - OPEN

Sunday, August 7, 2022 - 9:30 AM

Open exhibitors must check in between 7AM - 8:30 AM

Superintendent: Lynda Swan 814-258-5108





Entries will be accepted by mail with a postmark on or before July 23, 2022.

An entry fee of $2.50 per rabbit must accompany entry form.

Mail entries to:

Lynda Swan

1326 State Rd Middlebury Center, PA 16935

Make check payable to: TCAA



Entries will be accepted Online Entry Via Fair Entry  https://www.fairentry.com/Fair/SignIn/16672

on or before July 23, 2022.


RULES & REGULATIONS (Refer to General & Health Rules) .

1. Out of county exhibitors welcome to enter rabbits. Out of state rabbits require a veterinarian signed health certificate. (CVI) Refer health rules on page 22 of this book.

2. Each exhibitor must sign the “ Veterinary–client-patient relatienship statement” provided on the entry form. All rabbits will be health checked upon arrival. Any rabbits displaying clinical signs of contagious or infectious disease or appear ill must be removed from the fair grounds and your entry fee will be forfeited. Out of state rabbits require an Interstate Health Certificate (CVI).

3. All rabbits must be permanently and legibly tattooed in left ear prior to arriving at the fair grounds.

4. All rabbits will be judged according to the latest ARBA standard of perfection. Judge’s decisions are final. This is not and ARBA sanctioned show. No legs will be issued.

5. Rabbits entered must be the bonified property of the exhibitor prior to show.

6. This is a one day carrying cage show. Carriers must have leak proof bottoms.

7. 4-H/FFA exhibitors are required to coop & display all entered rabbits, as cage space allows, for entire week of fair.

8. All rabbits must be in the showroom by 8:30 AM, show starts promptly at 9:30 AM.

9. Day of show add-ons for pre-entered exhibitors accepted for a $3.00 entry fee per rabbit, and MUST be entered NO later than 8:30 AM.

10. 4-H Cloverbuds are only permitted to enter in the Open Show Dept. 9 per 4-H policy. No pet class is offered in Dept. 9. Cloverbuds are welcome to coop their rabbits with their 4-H club for the week of the fair, if they would like to. Please simply write : “COOPING REQUESTED” on the top of their entry form and follow check in and cooping times listed in Dept. 10.

Note: All breeds listed will be judged by individual variety (color) or groups according to ARBA judging standard, listed in the latest Standard of Perfection book, individually in the following classes: 1.) 4-H and FFA Dept.10 (no entry fee) 2. Open (any age exhibitor and cloverbuds) $2,50 entry fee. 4-H and FFA may exhibit in both 4-H and FFA (Dept. 10) and Open (Dept. 9) classes with the same rabbits, and a $2.50 entry fee per rabbit for Open class entries. Any questions

4 Class Breeds

The breeds listed below will be judged in 4 classes.

(Senior Buck, Senior Doe, Junior Buck, Junior Doe) Junior is 6 months old & under.

1. American Fuzzy Lop         16. Holland Lop

2. American Sable                  17. Jersey Wooly

3. English Angora                    18.  Lilac

4. French Angora                     19. Lionhead

5. Satin Agora

6. Belgian Hare




                                                          20. Mini Lop

                                                          21. Mini Rex

                                                          22. Mini Satin

                                                          23. Netherland Dwarf                                                            24. Polish

                                                          25. Rex

                                                          26. Rhinelander

                                                          27. Silver

                                                          28. Silver Marten

                                                          29. Tan

                                                          30. Thrianta

7. Britannia Petite

 8. Standard Chinchilla

9. Dutch

10. Dwarf Hotot

11. English Spot

12. Florida White

13. Harlequin

14. Havana

15. Himalayan

16. Holland Lop

17. Jersey Wooly

18. Lilac

19. Lionhead

20. Mini Lop

21. Mini Rex

22. Mini Satin

23. Netherland Dwarf

24. Polish

25. Rex

26. Rhinelander

27. Silver

28. Silver Marten

29. Tan

30. Thrianta

Premiums $5 $4 $3 $2 $1 $5 $4 $3 $2 $1 $15 $10 2. Meat Classes Premiums $5 $4 $3 $2 $1 A.) Stewer: One Rabbit, 6 months of age and over, minimum weight 8 pounds B.) Roaster: One rabbit, under 6 months, 5 ½ pounds to 9 pounds C.) Single Fryer: One Rabbit, not over 10 weeks (70 days) old, 3½ to 5½ pounds 1. Breed Classes A.) Individual 4 class breeds B.) Individual 6 class breeds C.) Best in Show D.) Reserve Best in Show 6 Class Breeds The breeds listed below will be judged in 6 classes. (Senior Buck, Senior Doe, Intermediate Buck, Intermediate Doe, Junior Buck, Junior Doe) Intermediate is 6-8 months old, Junior is under 6 month old. 31. American 32. Giant Angora 33. Argentine Bruin 34 Beveren 35. Blanc de Hotot 36. Californian 37. Champagne D’Argent 38. Checkered Giant 39. American Chinchilla 40. Giant Chinchilla 41. Cinnamon 42. Crème D’Argent 43. English Lop 44. French Lop 45. Flemish Giant